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An Australian sound-based learning system that gives parents, educators, and students a clear way to successful reading and writing.

“If you can put sounds together to make words, you can read.
If you can read words, you can learn anything.” 

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Sufia Alamgir

BA Arts, Dip TE, Primary Teacher for over 20 years, Sound Spell founder.

Teach children to read easily

Logical Language Learning
leads to
Lifelong Learners

How does your child learn?
Is your child a logical learner or an intuitive learner?
Find out how to best guide your child.

Our ready-to-use program provides parents with expert English knowledge. We provide you with deeper insights while simplifying complex concepts.

Our streamlined curriculum and comprehensive resources save teachers time and effort. Focus more on teaching and less on planning. Our academically validated process can easily be used across settings.

We support kids with a fail proof method of learning. They simply work the process to make the progress. Knowledge of sound-symbol relationships and language rules enables learners to confidently decode unfamiliar words.
We focus on developing skills like word analysis, pattern recognition, and auditory discrimination.

sound spell learning system

Sound Spell prioritises mastery and independence for lasting impact.

A finite set of rules and tools are needed to learn spelling and reading thoroughly.
With our mastery approach, these can be taught to anyone and assessed before moving on to the next level.

By focusing on learning thinking skills and identifying sound elements, children can independently apply their knowledge in new situations.

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What we offer.

logical learner or intuitive learner

Assess your student’s Learning Style with our free assessment.

The Sound Spell Program

Make learning easy with our all-in-one reading and spelling curriculum.

Orientation Webinars

Expand your knowledge and get the latest information.

By learning the sounds, spelling patterns and rules that govern the English language,children can learn to spell and read more effectively. 

Learning to spell is learning to read.

How Is Sound Spell Unique?

We reject approaches to language learning such as ‘whole language’ or ‘balanced literacy’, and do not include a ‘sight word’ component.

We avoid rote memorisation of random word lists and quick fixes relying on short-term memory.

We do not encourage guessing based on unreliable context cues or training kids to see words as pictures.

We designed a unified, consistent approach that is both predictable and repeatable. Recognising patterns and structures is key to language development. We believe words can be logically explained and understood. Once students master the code, all the other aspects of literacy become much easier.
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aspects of literacy

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