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We are here to transform literacy and language education

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We develop confident students who can read and write anything independently.

Our Story

I am Sufia, the founder of Sound Spell. 
My journey as an educator began in 1991, and as a mother of three university-educated adults,
I bring both professional and personal insights to my work.

Since 2000, I have taught students in public, private, special education, and home school settings, gaining a broad perspective on different learning environments.

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In 2018, I partnered with Global Sisters to expand Sound Spell to reach a wider audience.

My team and I are passionate about empowering students to achieve excellence in reading, spelling, and language development. We are dedicated to nurturing a love for learning and equipping students with the skills they need to succeed both academically and in life.

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Our Mission

At Sound Spell, our mission is to elevate literacy standards across Australia by offering exceptional teaching and training programs for children and adults.

 We strive to empower learners with strong language and literacy skills, enabling them to excel academically and make a positive impact in their communities.

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Our Vision

We see a brighter future in which language mastery opens doors to more opportunities,
effective communication builds cooperative communities,
and creative thinking drives progress towards a better world.

At Sound Spell we value confidence in learning, competence through mastery, and creativity in approach.

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