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Sound Spell Learning Resources

The Phonemes & Graphemes Charts

Get the Sound Spell Chart of every phoneme and grapheme in the English language. These sounds are the foundation of language. Sample words are included.

Our gift to you. No email required. 

sound spell charts

Reading and Spelling Assessment

Check your child’s reading ability with the Sound Spell Assessment. It’s totally free.

Find out where Sound Spell can help.

Sound Spell System

Sound Spell Orientation Webinars

Attend a free webinar to learn about Sound Spell and the science of reading. 
Join the mailing list to be notified when the next webinar is scheduled.

sound spell webinar

The Sound Spell Program

The foundations of English language mastery.

sound-spell the 4 learning pathways

Sound Spell is a complete curriculum with:

  • Sequenced lessons in six levels of learning
  • Short, targeted lessons that will fit into your busy day
  • Activities to keep your child engaged and motivated

Our unique learning program is suitable for:

  • Young children who are learning to read formally
  • Primary-school children behind in their grade level in reading and spelling
  • High-school students struggling with literacy and are behind in other subjects
  • People with English as a second language.

Learning to read English with the Sound Spell Program is a rich experience
with our online video Courses and the Sound Spell Book Set. 

Includes Student workbooks and Teacher answer and guidance books
plus an extensive library of learning resources.


If you have questions about the Sound Spell Program, please get in touch. How can we help?

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